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1. Thankful for our Members!

Thanksgiving. It’s the kick-off to our holiday season. A time for us to begin reflecting on the year we’ve had and all we are thankful for.

Tags: president, president update
2. AICP President's Update: October 2020

Anything but normal these days. 

Tags: president, president update
3. AICP President's Update: August 2020

Expect to see some new, youthful faces in the organization.

Tags: OurMembers, students, president update, president
4. AICP President's Update: July 2020

Introducing the AICP Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Tags: Diversity and Inclusion, president update, President
5. AICP President's Update: June 2020

See why President Bri Dahl celebrates her birthday all month long. Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with cake. 

Tags: Conference, Zoom, COVID-19, podcast, President, president update
6. AICP President's Update: COVID-19

Where we are today... Because who knows, it could change tomorrow.

Tags: president update, President, COVID-19
7. AICP Initial Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting just about everything around the globe, and AICP is no exception. 

Tags: E-Day, president update, President, Coronavirus
8. AICP President's Update

President Bri Dahl reflects on President’s Day.

Tags: holiday, president update, President
9. AICP President's Update

AICP President Bri Dahl talks about kicking things off in January.

Tags: president update, NewYear, President
10. AICP President's Update

President Bri Dahl shares her family's Christmas traditions, and hopes for the new year in AICP.

Tags: NewYear, President

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